Hard working, talented, geniuses apply within
  • Unique Culture
    Unique Culture
  • Great Perks Package
    Great Perks Package
  • Superb Location
    Superb Location

  • Culture
    • Every opinion counts
      Our employees drive the direction of Sonassi, your voice will drive decision making and the direction of the company
    • No bureaucracy
      9 years ago we were a start-up; the company ethos remains the same. We are focussed on a being a collaborative small company feel with all the stability, financial security and potential of working at a big company
    • Laid back work environment
    • Gaming at lunchtime
      Whether your poison is table tennis or computer games
    • Fully equipped kitchen & break area
      Where staff take turns (if you want!) making meals for each other
    • Christmas gift exchange
      It is optional, but a reflection of how our team thank each other
  • Perks
    • Company pension
    • Flexible and substantial holiday allowance
    • Flexible work hours
    • Regular pay reviews & increases
    • Annual bonus
    • Birthday treats
    • Gourmet coffee and tea
    • Paid sick, overtime and parental leave
    • Company days - fun for free
    • Fully equipped workstations
    • Optional health insurance
  • Location
    • Adjacent to Media City
      With plenty of gyms, cafes, restaurants, nurseries and other facilities nearby
    • Excellent transport links
      Via Bus, Metrolink or Car
    • Free staff parking
    • Secure bicycle storage
      With shower and locker facilities

Current vacancies

  • Support Engineer
    35 Hours/week
    25 Days holiday
    Pension included
    Permanent position
    Flexible start hours (9am-10am)
    On-the-job training
    Based in Manchester, UK

    Sonassi is a managed web hosting provider, with a speciality in building and maintaining clustered infrastructure for Magento stores. The role of our support engineers is to build, maintain and support the infrastructure and customer.

    Support engineers typically handle issues from start to finish - and where that isn't possible, initially issues will be escalated - but we'll supplement your knowledge by providing on-the-job training and mentoring to increase confidence and ability even for the most technical of Linux, networking or physical infrastructure issues. For this reason, we do not classify the role as Level 1/2/3 support - but a blend of all three.

    Typical duties
    • Fault identification (evaluate whether issues are network, hardware, server configuration or Magento itself)
    • Managed web server management
    • Building/configuring/adding infrastructure to stacks
    • Onboarding new customers (site migration/cloning)
    • Modification/management firewall rules
    • Security patch application and forensic security audits
    • Investigating server generated alerts/errors and ongoing maintenance
    • Identifying server side issues from Magento store side issues
    • Updating and maintaining internal and customer documentation
    • HA/Failover simulation and testing
    • Performance bottleneck analysis

    Key requirements
    • Experience with Linux (Bash, Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL)
    • Basic understanding of PHP
    • Excellent written and verbal English
    • Patience and an aptitude to help customers
    • Calm under pressure
    • Efficient at managing workload/prioritising tasks
    • Willingness to work on call

    Even better if you have
    • Experience physically assembling computers/servers
    • Debian/Ubuntu experience (maintaining, building packages etc.)
    • Magento experience
    • Good working knowledge of software used in MageStack
    • Drivers licence
    Full Time, Competitive salary
  • Developer
    35 Hours/week
    25 Days Holiday
    Pension included
    Permanent position
    Flexible start hours (9am-10am)
    Based in Manchester, UK

    Developers at Sonassi provide both reactive and proactive back-end code support to our hosting customers. Where we act as an extension of their team (or their development team), providing scheduled and emergency expert assistance in Magento fault diagnosis and resolution - or building entirely new functionality.

    The role will typically include helping our customers ticket-based support enquiries where it needs more focus/time than our front line support staff would typically devote. It can also include helping customers with proactive development projects (eg. building/installing modules).

    Key requirements
    • Proficient in Magento backend development
    • Experience with command line
    • Excellent written and verbal English
    • Patience and an aptitude to help customers
    • Calm under pressure
    • Willingness to work on call

    Even better if you have
    • Experience profiling Magento code for performance gains
    • Experience identifying Magento scaling bottlenecks
    • Confidence working with command line Linux
    Full Time, Competitive salary


Work hard, play hard and get paid for it

Culture, ethics and work attitude mean a lot here at Sonassi. We work hard, and we play hard - we don't expect you to come in early or work late, just get here on time, work to the best of your ability throughout the day and go home when you are supposed to.

If you think that's the type of person you are, read on.

Sending a CV

CV's are an effective way out outlining your salient points, but it doesn't tell us who you are - or why you want to work at Sonassi. We want to see candidates who have researched the company a little, read about what we do, our ethos, the technology stack we operate - and come back to us letting us know why you are going to be a great addition to our team.

That could mean sending in a cover letter, a PowerPoint presentation of the tech we use and how you've used it in your experiences - or be bold, make suggestions on what you think we could do better if we hired you. Anything that makes your CV stand out will go a long way to helping us understand why you are the person we're looking for.