Identifying current MySQL disk space

So that we can quote accurately, its important that we know how much MySQL disk space you are currently consuming for your Magento store. Fortunately, you can quickly find out and serve us the information we need by running the following command. SELECT IFNULL(B.engine,'Total') "Storage Engine", CONCAT(LPAD(REPLACE(FORMAT(B.DSize/POWER(1024,pw),3),',',''),17,' '),' ',SUBSTR(' KMGTP',pw+1,1),'B') "Data Size", CONCAT(LPAD(REPLACE(FORMAT(B.ISize/POWER(1024,pw),3),',',''),17,' '),' ',SUBSTR(' … Continue reading

How we scope out infrastructure for complex projects

For complex projects we approach them like this: Scope out the high level requirements (the 26 questions) Produce an initial architecture recommendation and estimate costing Build a real-life implementation of the architecture, install a Magento store and create a load test profile that simulates the exact nature of traffic that you would expect to see. … Continue reading

How we classify Magento store sizes

Everyone has their own definition of store size, but when we refer to stores of a specific size - we grade them as follows Size Amount of visitors Small < 20k daily unique visitors Medium < 100k daily unique visitors Large < 500k daily unique visitors Enterprise 500k+ With daily transactions proportional (3%) to the … Continue reading

What is an emergency

Table of ContentsRequired information when submitting an emergency ticket Ping Traceroute Full error message, URL, Screenshot Third party testExamples of an emergency are: Server is inaccessible and unresponsive from multiple locations Store is inaccessible and unresponsive from multiple locations Loss of ability to checkout Examples of non emergencies are: You are looking to prioritise a … Continue reading

Picking the right type of hosting

Table of ContentsThe 26 questionsWe offer many different types of hosting to cater for small merchants, to multi-national Enterprise businesses. Deciding where your business fits and evaluating what type of hosting you require is something we'll help you with. The 26 questions Just answer the following questions, and submit your answers to            Store and … Continue reading

Magento store migration proceedure

Table of ContentsStage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7So you’ve made the decision to move your Magento store? But there is one large caveat, the store is currently trading and downtime isn’t an issue you want to run in to. We try to make migration painless and ensure … Continue reading

DNS Nameservers

When pointing your domain to Sonassi Hosting, you will need to use the following three nameservers.

Magento incident diagnosis

We’ve got a fairly structured regiment that we would follow, Ask the customer if they are running a newsletter/promotion Ask the customer if they have changed any store configuration settings Ask the customer if they has installed any new modules If all the above are “No”. Then we look at the machine itself. Find how … Continue reading