Managing users on your support account

Table of ContentsAdding a user to your account Removing a user from your accountUsers can be managed through the Users section on ! Only account owners or Users with the User role can manage users on an account. Adding a user to your account In order to add a user to your account, navigate … Continue reading

Securing your account with 2 factor authentication (2FA)

Table of ContentsEnabling 2 factor authentication Force 2FA on login Disabling 2 factor authentication Recovering from lost 2FA token with Forced 2FA enabledAny application capable of generating 2FA codes is compatible with our service, however we would recommend the following apps: Authy - Google authenticator iOS - Android - Authy would be … Continue reading

User roles

Table of ContentsRoles summary Suggested roles for users E-Commerce manager Head Developer Developer Accounting/BillingThe following article contains a summary of user roles, what they do and a list of suggested roles for users on your account. Roles summary Role Purpose Owner This role has the permissions of all other roles, it is also required to … Continue reading